Content Building

Built in Authoring Tool can quickly create, edit, publish and release a wide variety of learning content.
Can be used to create simple learning interactions, complex interactive exercises or advanced programs, everything at your fingertips.

Content Building

Adaptive Content

Drag and drop functionality allows for content to be easily created. Vertical scroll, adaptive across all formats.

Multiple content types

Video, images, text. Content presented as accordions, flip cards, social learning, and many other standardized formats

Assessment and Compliance

Quizzes and assessment with multiple questions types. Surveys, checklists, document uploads.


Logic functionality allows for elaborate interactivity. Create branching exercises, conditional release, hotspot activities and much more

Learning Pages

Create knowledge repositories, program specific campaign pages, interactive diagrams, comprehensive learning pages to suit specific audiences

Generate xAPI Statements

All content interactions generate xAPI statements. Tracking available through the ClearXP or any LRS.

SCORM and xAPI Compliant

Content can be exported to sit on any SCORM or xAPI compliant LMS

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