What is ClearXP?

ClearXP is a learning platform that utilizes the latest technology to provide a tailored and enhanced learning experience to a wide array of learners. The platform combines features of an LMS, LXP and LRS to suit the needs of their clients workforce. Powerful reporting is available with detailed analytics.

Is ClearXP an LMS?

The ClearXP learning platform includes all functions and features of a modern Learning Management System (LMS) and can be used for compliance and governance purposes.

Is ClearXP good?

ClearXP has received high ratings from clients and was awarded the Best Use of Technology in the 2020 AITD Excellence Awards. ClearXP has also won Platinum awards at Learning for Learning Technology and gold award for best LMS

How much does ClearXP cost?

ClearXP uses a subscription model with tiered pricing levels making it very affordable for such an advanced and comprehensive learning platform. For the latest costs contact the team here.

Is ClearXP a LXP?

Learning Experience Platform (LXP) functions are a key feature of ClearXP. These include, content integration, personalized learning pathways, micro-learning campaigns, AI recommendations and much more.

Why does ClearXP use xAPI?

Experience API or xAPI is the latest version of the SCORM standard. We see it is an enabling technology allowing learning platforms far more flexibility and enhanced learning capabilities while still providing a detailed level of reporting and adhering to standards and compliance requirements.

Will ClearXP improve our learning outcomes?

The functionality of ClearXP can assist in improving learning outcomes. The detailed and deeply in grained data collected by ClearXP means the system and its ML Algorithm is constantly gathering data on learning effectiveness. Functionality available on ClearXP has been chosen based on proven effectiveness working with a large audiences with wide and diverse language, proficiencies, experience, literacy and technical capabilities. Reporting dashboards and analytics are used to measure key areas and collaborated against key performance data metrics.

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