Better Online Learning for your Workplace.


A Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Experience Platform (LXP) combined to best suit the learning needs of your people.

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Stunning eLearning

Bring eLearning Alive

Enhance your online training with seriously compelling activities. AI-powered learning scenarios, immersive Augmented Reality workplace learning and much more. Avoid dull and fatiguing learning and see how your team appreciates it.

Launch amazing learning campaigns

Drive engagement from your team. Social learning to share, contribute and provide insight. Use micro-learning, just in time tutorials, content integration and learning pathways as the tools to support your strategy.

Content creation made simple


Our authoring tool creates content and quickly releases it to your target audience. Track its effectiveness using the one platform.


Integrate content from sources like YouTube or other subscribed services to provide a wide variety of content.

All of your learning in one place


Access LXP content on mobile, desktop and native app.


LMS functions support compliance and mandatory training, face to face workshops (live and virtual), coaching, certifications and more.


XAPI data is recorded at every step providing powerful analytics.

Secure, safe and scalable


Held to the most stringent of security standards. Guaranteed uptimes and data based on industry standards. You wont find a safer or more secure platform on the market.


Already have something in place but need more, or need a full replacement? ClearXP is built to deal with any workplace conditions you can throw at it (or us).

Back it all up with evidence and insight


Be sure that you are always improving and measure effectiveness with more than just completions.


Data analytics show the decisions people make, how they access and contribute, what trends are forming and much more.

LearnX Awards 2019 Platinum Winner Badge
Best Learning Technology

Our Award Winning Digital Learning Platform
Is The Secret To Your Success

One of Australia’s leading retailers transformed its digital learning by adopting ClearXP,
won multiple awards along the way and became an industry leader.

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