ClearXP – Digital Learning Suite

Ultimate Organisational Learning Tool

Personalised and enhanced learning experiences driven by smart data.

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Everything an L&D team needs at their fingertips

ClearXP makes learning management, user engagement, content creation and tracking performance easy with an all in one solution.

LMS and LXP functions are seamlessly combined with powerful xAPI data and AI analytics.

We meet the needs of any organization with a suite of core functions and dynamic flexibility.

Content Authoring Made Easy

The ClearXP Authoring Tool creates engaging learning experiences and generates xAPI data.
Advanced functions suited to today’s digital learners.

Support All Learners

Learner profiles provide tailored learning pathways and recommendations. Integrated and native content proven to best support all learning needs.

Data Analysis Drives Effectiveness

ClearXP tracks and records extensive data. Proactive Artificial Intelligence (AI) data tools identify trends and patterns to inform continuous improvement decisions.

The right training for the right person at the right time

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Your frontline workers will love the experience.

  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Motivational learning activities
  • Everything available with only a few clicks
  • Can keep track easily with clear visual dashboards
  • Content tailored to suit their needs


Support your leaders and teams with a place to grow.

  • Pathways and recommendations provide targeted and relevant resources
  • Coaching and mentoring programs
  • Self directed and collaborative learning
  • Unparalleled workflows simplify interacting with teams


Master skills and build capabilities.

  • Support teams through onboarding and manage performance
  • Capability matrix, self assessments, 360 feedback
  • Learning Academies to collate and curate high performance content


Increase performance and see tangible benefits.

  • Prove learning effectiveness with superior analytics
  • Easy to use functionality saves significant time and resources
  • No needs for multiple costly platforms, consolidate and save
  • Benefit from AI driven insights, continuously improving content and functionality


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Meet the needs of the modern workplace

ClearXP makes it easier to reach, engage and succeed.

Our passion for enabling amazing learning experiences runs deep

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