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Our Story

Our passion for ensuring your people have the best possible experience runs deep. We have a platform that is capable of anything, but it is our commitment and amazing support and the trusted relationships we form that will guarantee success.

We can help any learning and development, or HR team find the time, tools and strategy to deliver their learners the right kind of training at the right time

Clients that have seen amazing results include:

  • Retailers with a wide and diverse workforce
  • Financial services organizations with tight deadlines and budgets
  • Health and Community Services companies needing flexibility
  • Professional Services companies needing to improve their digital offerings

Awards and Recognition

We are succeeding in making it easier for L&D Departments to make a difference.

We were particularly proud in 2020 when the ClearXP and the Coles Learning Hub were awarded winner of a highly sought after AITD Excellence Award.

In the category of Best Use of Learning Technology, the judges were particularly impressed with our systems ability to radically update and integrate learning into the culture of a large national organisation.

We look forwards to the next challenge!


Customers and Partners

ClearXP makes it easier to reach, engage and succeed.

Our passion for enabling amazing learning experiences runs deep

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