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Our Story

Our co-founders, Andrew Bloye and David Johnson, started ClearXP in 2013 because they felt existing learning technologies were too restrictive. We built a flexible and powerful digital learning platform, making learning easier for users and learning administration easier for organisations.

Today, our award-winning  platform is helping  hundreds of thousands of learners experience better online learning. As the world changes around us, our ethos of powerful, flexible, better technology ensures all needs will continue to be met.


Awards and Recognition

We are succeeding in making it easier for L&D Departments to make a difference.

We were particularly proud in 2020 when the ClearXP and Coles Learning Hub were awarded winner of a highly sought after AITD Excellence Award.

In the category of Best Use of Learning Technology, the judges were particularly impressed with our systems ability to radically update and integrate learning into the culture of a large national organisation.

We look forwards to the next challenge!


Personalised and enhanced learning experiences driven by smart data.

Our approach has seen clients achieve amazing results:

  • Retailers have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by consolidating multiple platforms in to ClearXP
  • Audience participation levels have increased by 500%. A whopping 4.4 million learning completions recorded for one client in one year
  • By using the built in Authoring Tool, a health and community services client has been able to rapidly build over 80 learning modules and effortlessly keep them updated
  • Global organisations love the ability to provide multiple versions, specific to location across the entire learning cohort

Customers and Partners

ClearXP makes it easier to reach, engage and succeed.

Our passion for enabling amazing learning experiences runs deep

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