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Coles Supermarkets

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Coles Learning Hub

November, 2018


Coles Supermarkets started by using an integrated system of the ClearXP synced with their existing Enterprise LMS (Learning Management System) to provide an innovative Learning Hub for their workforce. Coles noticed that learners spent more time learning using the new Learning Hub, would search for other types of training apart from their mandatory courses and received excellent feedback about the experience as a whole.

Coles were so pleased with results that they decommissioned the existing LMS and and migrated to ClearXP. This led to a series of pathway and learning campaign based programs that utilised ClearXP’s content building capabilities, micro learning capabilities, XAPI reporting and much more.

By taking advantage of all that ClearXP had to offer, Coles opened up a wide range of new training opportunities and programs for their people.

Engagement with these programs were higher than they had ever seen before and considerable time and money was saved by reducing their overheads and simplifying the training process for their team members.

Coles has since won several awards for their innovative work. The future continues to look bright with Coles committing to using ClearXP as their learning platform of choice for the long term. Coles now insists on continuously using the people first approach for its learning strategy that ClearXP provides.

Hear From Others

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Australia's largest broking and financial advice firm needed a solution for a learning platform that could easily co-exist with their existing intranet - SharePoint - content management system. ClearXP was able to sync with SharePoint to create a fully fledged Learning Management System (LMS).


KPMG are using the platform to run pathways involving virtual classroom sessions and supported by online content. The platform has enabled easy access to content with SME’s able to update and create new content on the platform.

Monash use the platform to enable their leadership team to undertake Management Essentials training. A dedicated learning pathway using a blended approach comprising workshop enrolments and attendance and digital learning content. Content is regularly added which includes video and eLearning modules with learners receiving notifications when new content is available.