Connecting People to Knowledge

The learning environment that ensures learners feel connected, empowered and receive a highly personalised experience.

Every step of the learner journey can be designed, tracked and curated. All made easy with powerful features and the best LMS, LXP and learning eco-systems tools.

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A staggering 90% of learner interaction data is lost in an average SCORM learning program.

Use our FREE xAPI Converter to unlock your lost learning data

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Curate and personalise every step of your learner’s journey

From their very first log-in to undertaking required learning, through to completing professional development goals, ensure a learner’s journey is seamless and cohesive.

Our visual workflows, advanced insightful metrics, AI enhanced functions and easy to use content builder provides fast and effective learner centric experiences.

“It has been a remarkable partnership working with ClearXP to revolutionise the digital learning experience at Coles”

Siva Kulasingham
Digital Learning Manager, Coles Group

How We Empower Learners in The Digital Age

To cater to the unique needs of each learner, we connect them to the most relevant and useful learning activities available.

We gather and quantify extensive data touch-points on every program and activity to optimise each individuals performance.


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Features to Achieve Your Education and Business Goals

Extended Enterprise

Give access and teach your external users and even your customers

Sell Your Courses

Payment gateway, shopping cart and course catalogues

Course Libraries

Connect learners with content you build, import or integrate

Chatbot Support

Solve learner queries in the flow of their learning

Experience Builder

Content authoring and way more. Build entire programs, curriculums and rubrics

Accessible and Universal

WCAG 2.0 Compliant, reliable, stable and proven

Supports Design Thinking

User centric, allow for quick failures, feedback and multiple iterations

Powerful AI

Recommendations, insights, learner profiling, sentiment analysis

Connect Learner

Allow collaboration with peers, managers and knowledge sources

Performance Correlation

Discover what combining learning data and performance data can show

Advanced Metrics

Pedagogical touch-points and full understanding of the learner journey

Cost Effective

All these features under the one simple subscription

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Our platform gives businesses of any size a place to build, curate and implement learner centric experiences.

We make creating custom and in-depth training easy. Cater to the needs of modern learners.