Measure learning impact

Ever wondered if your training was making a difference to learners’ lives?

ClearXP is a comprehensive learning system that measures the impact of any content and proves exactly how effective your learning is.

Built for L&D Teams and content creators.

Want to prove ROI? Our numbers make you look good

It’s easy to justify your learning budget when you have the data to back it up. Don’t rely on vanity metrics such as completion rates. Give your stakeholders insight into key business metrics such as time and cost breakdowns, employee sentiment, capability, job performance, skill adoption and of course, learning effectiveness.

We track everything and use AI to surface the most enticing insights. Afraid your content isn’t effective? Our data will even tell you improvements that will maximise business outcomes.

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Collect insights, improve your content,
make a positive impact


Content Features

  • Adaptive Content
  • Templates
  • Easy to use with sophisticated features ready as needed
  • Rapid publish and rollouts
  • AI content generation
  • Best practice methodology
  • Impact oriented design methodology

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Measure Everything

  • Granular xAPI data
  • Visual interactive dashboards
  • Meaningful data visualisation
  • Actionable insights
  • AI assistance
  • LLM analysis on all text

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Make Informed Decisions

  • Templated course and program offerings
  • Best practice methodologies, science and evidence backed
  • Proven methods for collecting meaningful data
  • Geared towards measuring impact

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Get better results with our expertise and support

ClearXP is not only remarkably user-friendly but is accompanied by a top-notch support system, ensuring you have a reliable helping hand whenever needed.




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You’ll never feel abandoned with our 24/7 phone and email support. Whether a technical issue or just asking for content advice, we breathe to serve you.

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We love sharing knowledge which is why we started Impact Champions. An open community of like-minded professionals providing tactical advice on how to track and measure learning impact.


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How does ClearXP
actually work?

You may be wondering about this whole measuring impact thing. Do you need to collect data from internal business systems? That sounds hard and IT won’t let us because it’s adding another platform right?

Don’t worry, you can start measuring impact right away with the content you have on hand. If you don’t have content yet, we also provide tools to help you build amazing learning. Whether existing or building from scratch, we automatically instrument your learning to gather a bucket-load of data including analytics, learner reactions, satisfaction and even job performance metrics.

The magic comes with out how we interpret that data. AI corroborates disparate data points and generates insights to show how effective your learning really is. This provides the intelligence needed to make key business decisions.

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