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Adaptive Content

We understand that building new and engaging learning content delivers the best results.

Our platform allows you to customise your content like never before so you can achieve excellence for your organisation.

Advanced Metrics

Utilising xAPI technology, you can now access deeper data that will allow you to report on every step of your learning program.

Use these powerful analytics to measure, report, adapt and identify future leaders.

Continuous Improvement

Having the flexibility to change and adapt your Learning Programs easily, allows you to develop powerful assets for your business.

We use drag and drop capability to make it easy for you to deliver powerful learning.

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Some of the features that drive learning success

Easy To Build Content

Create rich and immersive content using our templates or build it your way own way.

  • Easy to use drag and drop builder
  • Save your own templates as you go
  • Easily add video or images at any stage

Powerful Reporting

Our advanced reporting platform uses xAPI to make it easy to measure success and communicate wins.

  • Create detailed visual reports easily
  • Report on advanced metics like “time on screen”
  • Utilise xAPI data suite to continuously improve

Enhance User Experience

Use customisable content tools to create deeper engagement and enhance learning.

  • Engage your users at every step
  • Use rewards and points to increase completion
  • Use gamification to keep users active

Intelligent Administration

Alleviate your workload using our powerful administration functionality.

  • Schedule, plan and automate processes
  • Manage learning enrolments with ease
  • Generate automatic reports on outcomes

Staff Development

Develop your organisations talent and facilitate the growth of future leaders.

  • Create dynamic learning pathways
  • Use skills matrix to identify talent
  • Built in coaching and mentoring capability

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