Uncover data lost in the SCORM black hole with our xAPI converter

A staggering 90% of learner interaction data is being lost in an average SCORM learning program.

Use our FREE xAPI Converter to unlock your lost learning data

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How the ClearXP SCORM to xAPI converter works

Register and connect with us

The first step is registering to try the xAPI Converter. From there we will connect you with a crew member from ClearXP who will guide you through each step.

Download your SCORM file

After your ClearXP crew member has understood how your current learning is packaged and what data you want to extract they will help you download your SCORM file.


Upload to access xAPI

Your ClearXP crew member will unlock the xAPI data within your SCORM file for re-upload in your LMS. They will then guide you on how to access your new data.

Don’t let your learning insights get sucked away by a SCORM black hole.