Uncover the learning data lost in the SCORM Black Hole

August 17, 2023

In the learning universe, SCORM has long been the go-to standard for tracking and recording data. While it offers some benefits, like standardisation and completion information, it can be a data black hole when you are looking for information on what your users are actually doing.

xAPI takes a technological leap from SCORM by providing a source of almost limitless data, where each data point measures one small step of the entire learner experience. By working with xAPI, teams are empowered to make better, data-evidenced decisions and create stellar learning experiences.

Usual data insights gained from SCORM

Data insights made possible by xAPI

By harnessing xAPI data, reports can now include the level of detail necessary to launch a cycle of continuous improvement. Combine this with data-rich xAPI user profiles, which power learning recommendations and personalised learning journeys, for better learning experiences.

How xAPI can uncover data lost in the SCORM black hole

By default, less than 10% of a learner’s interactions are captured when using SCORM. To help you quickly and easily gather better data, we have developed an AI-based xAPI Converter that can see beyond the event horizon of an existing SCORM module. This simple process is like giving your content a turbo boost.

Simply upload the xAPI-converted version of the course to your existing LMS and start tracking:

  • Pace of completion at each stage of the learning journey
  • Screen-by-screen drop-off rates
  • Advanced engagement statistics
  • Response trends across all learners
  • Reading rate and time spent on each screen
  • Simplified language translation capabilities.

Don’t let your insights get sucked away. Follow the link below to register for our free to use xAPI Converter. 

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