Next generation and finely grained reporting. xAPI data provides detailed reporting about every interaction that occurs on the platform. Dashboards, powerful reporting and insightful analytics are used to give business insight never previously achievable with learning data.
Next generation analytics powered by AI deliver pro-active insights and quickly present complex data as easy to read dashboards.


Compliance Reporting

Detailed reporting suited to industrial or company policies and auditing

Drill Down Dashboards

Aggregated data can be drilled into for detailed analysis. Data configurable to be viewed at any level, Executive, National, State, Manager and more

Advanced Reports

Report on much more than completions. A wide range of metrics including, durations, attempts, detailed question response data, usage, social contributions, ratings and much more

Dynamic Learner Profiles

AI analytics identify traits of a variety of learners and creates profiles. Use profiles to target learning needs and cater to individual learning styles

AI Content Analysis

AI algorithms analyse data giving insight in to social learning responses, categorising learner sentiment and effort


Data and analytics across all content, users and programs. Identify effective and ineffective training. Use data analytics to identify trends and traits of high performers

Real Time Data

All data is in xAPI format and immediately available in all formats


Schedule reports, powerful on-demand reports, report builder

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