Skills Development

Provide a seamless link between skills recognition and professional development. Skills matrix, 360 capability and self assessments. Academies and learning program pages provide a place to grow.
Use tools to find gaps and develop individual development plans.

Skills Development

Synch with HR platform

User profiles can be synched and a skills profile attributed with learners. Use for learning pathways and development plans.

Search for skill-based resources

Align learning resources with skill criteria. Allows for searching and self driven professional development

Career Pathways

Skills development pathways used to encourage self-directed learners.

Self Assessment

Self-assess skills against role criteria. Professional development suggestions and pathways provided based on assessment results

360 Capability Assessment

Managers and peers can assess along with individuals. Provides opportunities to discuss outcomes and develop individual development plans.


Learning programs consisting of resources to grow in to senior and leadership roles.

Coaching and Mentoring

Detailed logs and communications between coaches and participants.

Succession Planning

Identify talent through assessments and capability matrix. Develop succession plans.

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